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What’s Going On In Roleplay This Week? (22nd of January, 2017)

Some roleplay events scheduled for the following week, per the rpread bulletin board:

Day Organizer/Status Description
Sunday: Morticon / closed Fruitbat Observatory repairs, part 2 (Raziel, Regan, Ragna, Arya, Vahno)
Sunday: Maynard / 2 slots Fix Flavia so she is totally independent
Monday: Elandra / open Story night – all are welcome to attend
Tuesday: Morticon/closed Rock and Sadie continue their courier plot, on Negumi’s ship. Alternatively, continue Static’s transformation.
Wednesday: Mako / open Mako’s adventure plot continues!
Wednesday: Elandra / SED Testing fix of an Aina’s soul – last in the series.
Wednesday: Kandra/SED 4 slots A pod crash lands and the SED goes to investigate.
Thursday: Aldrinor / closed Aldrinor’s SED plot for non-SEDers continues
Thursday: Morticon / closed Gina’s vampire hunting continues with friends.
Friday: Elandra / open St. Marin classes
Friday: Azalyn / closed Wayfarer group sets off on adventure to bring home someone sick
Saturday: Wormwood / closed The Dead Letter Office, Mail Courier plot continues.

And happening at no specific time, per NovaSquirrel’s post on the board:

I’m putting together a team of cute and/or magical heroes. I don’t have a name for it yet, but the group will focus on lighthearted fun and adventury stuff.

I hope to run some fun plots once I have more experience, and I want to make things as approachable as possible.

Contact NovaSquirrel if you’re interested, and we can figure out what sort of direction to take this.

NovaSquirrel’s project is making use of the defunct heroes global, which was intended to let people know who was interested in saving what days needed saving. There is also a counterpart villains global which is not necessarily a list of who’s in the SED.

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