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What’s Going On In Roleplay This Week? (29th of January, 2017)

Some roleplay events scheduled for the following week, per the rpread bulletin board.

A slot is simply a space for someone’s character to join in on the RP. As an example, two slots means that up to two characters are welcome to join the plot. For RPs that have limited slots, it is suggested to page the person running it to let them know you’re interested.

Also going on: NovaSquirrel continues to recruit for her roster of heroes ready to step into action as heroism might be necessary. And, per BunnyHugger’s bulletin board post she is looking for a new editor-in-chief for the newspaper. The position requires a willingness to find writers and coax articles from them. The newspaper itself is a WordPress-based blog platform and so does not require much technical skill to manage.

Day Organizer/Status Description
Sunday: Maynard / 1 slot Continue fixing Flavia so she is independent.
Sunday: Morticon / SED Raziel demos their Mk II rifle to potentially sell to the SED
Monday: Elandra / open Story night – all are welcome to attend
Tuesday: Morticon / closed Gina continues her vampire hunting adventure with Raj, Jaycee, and Kite.
Wednesday: Mako / closed Mako’s adventure plot continues!
Thursday: Aldrinor / closed Aldrinor’s SED plot for non-SEDers continues
Thursday: Morticon/2 slots Initial survey of the SpinDizzy Control Center
Friday: Elandra / open St. Marin classes
Friday: Azalyn / closed Wayfarer group sets off on adventure to bring home someone sick
Saturday: Wormwood / closed The Dead Letter Office, Mail Courier plot continues.

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