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Three-Day Festival of Colors Brightens March Week

Mayor Sirianna and Vice-Mayor Azure declared the second Festival of Colors for the 22nd through 24th of March. The event, Sirianna noted on her bulletin board post announcing it, was inspired by the real holiday of Holi.

The event for Sunday the 22nd was held in the Oak Park Gardens, with the planting of colorful flora in the area. This was hosted by Sora.

Within the Oak Park Gardens many plants were set in the terrain, among them: a clump of common foxglove, clumps of bright blue and of bright pink hyacinths, clumps of purple basil and of radiant daffodils, a copse of yellow sword lilies, a few patches of particolored Sweet William, a glowing blue tree, a lovely young cherry tree, and multispectral cherry blossom tree; a “pretty” flower, a singing yellow flower, numerous deep purple flowers, and bright blue flowers; a quartet of sparkling peace lilies, a seven-foot tall corn stalk as well as a wheat shoot from an otherwise extinct lineage; a sheaf of goldenrod, a single sunflower, a small rose bush as well as another rose bush with blood-red leaves, a small stone carved wallaby with a little propeller beanie that moves in the wind, a striated cuttlefish bush, an intricate ‘plant’, nuclear begonias, paper-thin copper clockwork weathering towards green, rainbow eucalyptus, several peltogyne, some peonies, stems buds and thorns and thoroughly iridescent-black-purple flowers, tomatoes, trifoliate orange, and vermilion tulips.

The second event, for Monday the 23rd, was a day market held in the new area of St Marin: Chancellor’s Market. This was the inaugural event at the spot and dedicated to the trading of such goods and services as people brought. It was also to end with a communal meal, “where we’ll try to eat and drink our way through what spoils have lasted us the winter but went unused due to the mildness of the season!”

The Chancellor’s Market saw a number of attempts at finding dual coincidence of wants. It is not clear what the entire roster of exchanged things were, although this reporter noted on offer items like crystal glass door knobs and iron locks (from Samnang), medical potions (offered to Sonja), banana-flavored taffy (from Azure), bottles of various chemicals (offered by Amethyst), and a picture of a flower garden (asked by Sonja). The feast included abundant foods — breads, cookies, mushrooms, jerkeys, steamed nuts and lentils, and more.

The third event was described as the “festival proper”, a “day of dust-infused colorful mayhem” on the 24th, culminating in a “grand melee and talent show”. Unfortunately this reporter was not able to attend the talent show and no reports of the performances have come to SpinDizzy News. If someone has an account of the proceedings they are invited to give the news to BunnyHugger or to add comment to this page.

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