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Mysterious Mind Units Appearing Across SpinDizzy

A series of mysterious objects described as Neural Transfer Units have appeared the past month in locations around SpinDizzy, including in the Rose Garden and the Picnic Grounds (N4 E7). The terminals appear to be some manner of touchscreen and keyboard, with a reportedly telepathic terminal and a neural interface headset. The device claims to allow one to download into the mind any of a selection of “recordings”, as well as to allow the storing of knowledge or perhaps experiences within the unit.

The number of recordings apparently available within the units has been frozen at nine for several weeks now, apparently since a bulletin board posting in which Mayor Emeritus Beltrami attacked the machines for their presence “without assurance they are responsibly built and operated”. Despite her call that “whatever party is behind these devices [ … ] make their objectives and methods transparent” no further information on these devices has come to the SpinDizzy News’s attention. Informed parties are asked to write in.

Presently the nine downloadable items are labelled as:

  1. Basic Noninvasive Telepathy
  2. 10 Ways To Make Hamburger Casserole
  3. Introduction to Probabilistics
  4. Indisputable Certainty that the SED’s Morticon is a Weenie
  5. Several Security Holes in Neopolis Computer Networks
  6. Complete list of all best things in the world at the time this was uploaded
  7. Principles of Flight
  8. Not fun
  9. How to Be in Two Places at Once when You’re Not Anywhere at All

Due to the lack of information of the devices’s origins and intentions it is premature at this point to say the world is doomed.

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