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Pi Day Observed With Mathematics, Pie

“Pi Day”, the 14th of March, was observed as an event on SpinDizzy this year with a series of mathematical puzzles posted by telepathic rat community Strain-113. These were taken from multiple sources, including The Mathematics Teacher and the puzzles of Martin Gardner.

These problems and others were discussed at length within the Center of Arts and Science (S2 W1) Auditorium, though the subject did get diverted into an out-of-character debate among Strain-113 and Sky_min about whether a particular approach to one problem would be computationally efficient. Another logic puzzle, about identifying sane and insane truth- and lie-tellers, grew into a discussion about the ways to solve such problems.

Various pies to actually eat were also on hand. Strain-113 credited Natasha, GreenKai, and Tyrian with providing the snacks.

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