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SpinDizzy Calendars Explained

A guide for the use of the SpinDizzy calendars has been posted to the SpinDizzy News site by Skyler, bunny. There are two calendars, one for events and holidays, and one for the birthdays of residents who have asked to be included.

The events calendar has recently been incorporated into the SpinDizzy News front page, so that items from it automatically appear in the “Upcoming Events” box. As Skyler explains in his guide, it can also be used by individuals in various ways, including integration into an existing Gmail account and importing into iCal. Users of the calendar can request various email notifications, such as when events are a certain number of hours away or when new events have been added.

For more explanation, see “Keeping Track of SpinDizzy Events.” To request that an event or birthday be added to the calendar, contact BunnyHugger by page-mail.

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