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Cora: “Calling All Freaks”

Cora, local bear, has asked me to pass along the following bit of news.

Calling all sideshow “freaks”! I’m assembling a sideshow
which will run at BunnyHugger’s fair next Saturday (August 28th)
from 1900 to 2100 MUCK time. I’m looking for those with unusual features
or talents (the more unusual the better) who want to show the world what you’ve
got! I’ll also need someone with the gift of gab to do what is known as
the “ballyhoo” or spiel describing each performer in colorful terms (again, the
more colorful the better). Those interested in can meet me at the main
stage (“park from anywhere on the muck) at approx 1845 MUCK time on Aug 28th
to set things up. See you there!

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