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SpinDizzians Visit Observatory in Anticipation of Landing

RP Summary for observatory visit:
Location: Fruitbat Observatory Lobby (luge n6 w7, p, i)

On August 17, Sora led a group to the Fruitbat Observatory to discuss the upcoming landing.  Morticon was being hunted and in hiding, explaining his absence from the event. Sora seemed nervous as she read from a single sheet of notes.

In the observatory uditorium, a summary of what was believed would happen during the landing was illustrated with holograms. The holograms illustrated SpinDizzy landing on a planet with many large holes, fitting flush into one of them. After the refueling/maintenance are complete, the holograms showed SpinDizzy lifting off and resuming its travels through space.

Dingo asked what will happen when we land: Will our gravity and air disappear? Does the planet take over those functions? Or do our spindizzy generators continue to function? No answer was known at the time.

In the Observatory’s lounge, photographs taken from the telescope during the last landing are on display. Everyone was encouraged to look at them and many took the opportunity.

In the terminal room, a photograph of the approaching planet was examined. It was still some distance away, but the planet and a some sort of beacon were noted in the picture. The beacon seemed to be putting out a regular signal.

At that point, Sora’s notes ran out, and she excused herself.

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