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Call For Items For SpinDizzy Time Capsule

Frequent readers of the News will already know that SpinDizzy’s first world fair is due to begin August 27. Skyler, SpinDizzy’s yellow cartoon bunny rabbit, is opening a call for unique and historical items for the planetoid’s first time capsule!

“The idea is to put a few special items together that might remind us all of what SpinDizzy is like in 2010, and we’ll dedicate and bury the time capsule in a special vault on the new SpinDizzy fairgrounds before the close of the event,” the rabbit explained, with gesturing of ears and nose-wiggling.

“I’d like to set the date of opening the capsule to be on the opening day of the fair, 2013, or Founder’s Day 2013 should there not be a fair on that year,” he went on. “So! I’d like folks to think about perhaps one item that says something about them, and the time they live in today. We’ll have a booth set up at the fairgrounds for these items. I and perhaps a couple other people will take a few of the best representative items and we will put them into a well packed vault, for three years of safekeeping. Start thinking about this today!”

(A note about items: consider well proofread and described items, ones with personal interest to you or historical interest to all. When this is opened in 2013, the items will be displayed for all to see in a special display, and the time capsule staff will have the final say in which items are chosen for this honor.)

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