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Shiny Day Sparkles

Shiny Day was again observed the 17th of March. This oldest and most raccoon-beloved of the community holidays was scheduled for a festival of, in the words of Sirianna’s bulletin board post announcing the event, “resplendence and luminosity” at the Meadow in S8 W3. The Mayor promised the day to allow residents to “construct for yourselves every means to glimmer and gleam, fluoresce and show a sheen”.

Unfortunately this reporter was not able to attend the main event and no accounts of the day’s primary festivities has come to the SpinDizzy News. Those with information about what happened, and who attended, are asked to speak with BunnyHugger or to provide comment here.

It is known to the paper that Azure came into possession of an “Aluminerang”, a shiny metallic boomerang “like something you’d expect an anime character to use as weapon”, and that he passed out chocolates with glittering stamped holograms. Several people dressed in particularly shiny livery: Dragoncat was at his finest gleam, and BunnyHugger dressed in her Star Princess costume. Kandra attempted to be a more physical being than usual, with silver-gold fur and spiralled patterns in her fur.

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