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Morality Day 2015 Observed In Multiple-Venue Event, Fable Reconstruction

Morality Day 2015, the first holiday organized under Mayor Sirianna and Vice Mayor Azure’s tenure, was observed by a series of events at multiple venues. The objective was to study morality by considering mythic histories and fabled actions of legendary beings. Thus persons were asked by the Mayor to host brief sessions throughout the day, leading up to a major fete and an interactive roleplaying event.

No one has provided SpinDizzy News with a full list of tales shared or retold. One that the press is aware of was hosted by BunnyHugger at Solomon’s Books, in the Sterling Orca Pier. Her event was a retelling of the Myth of Er, as recounted in Plato’s Republic, about a vision a man named Er had of the life after death, and of how souls would be repatriated to life, rising or falling in moral status based on the wisdom of their choices for a new life, and how Socrates is reported to say we must “hold fast ever to the heavenly way and follow after justice.”

The main event as organized by Sirianna and Azure was to divide a set of volunteers into two tribes. Askric, Myril, Maynard, and Indigo were cast as villagers who killed an otter in the hopes of using its pelt. BunnyHugger, Austin, Tzann, and Sora were cast as the killed otter’s kin, enchanted shapeshifters who wished for satisfaction.

As led by BunnyHugger the shapeshifters conceded there was likely not malice involved but that “apologies are more meaningful if accompanied by change.” Myril proposed the villagers could warn themselves, and others in the area, of the hazard of accidentally killing shapeshifters, and that the shapeshifters might mark themselves to minimize the chance of future accidents. Indigo proposed the villagers construct a saga praising the killed one’s life and serving as a warning for the others. With a general agreement made Sirianna declared the scenario successfully concluded.

She revealed the myth from which the scenario was drawn, in which Odin, Loki and Honir killed, for warmth, an otter who proved to be one of an enchanted tribe, and whose kin including Fafnir demanded more tangible weregild, and the story ended more bloodily than in its reenactment.

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