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SED Auction Raises Funds for Retirement and Rehabilitation Center

The newly-renamed Society of Elite Defenders (formerly Society of Evil Doers) held an auction of custom Aina plushes for the the Society of Elite Defenders Benevolence Fund, benefiting the new Retirement and Rehabilitation Center just south of the University. The total funds raised at the event were around 42,550 credits, to be matched by Morticon, head Wallaby of the SED. Four plushes total were sold, modeled after Aina soldiers 56, 58, and 72. An additional auction was made of a plush resembling Mina, for the Society of Elite Defenders Scholarship, to benefit a yet-to-be determined student.

“I thought it was the single best auction I’ve ever seen and the only one I’ve ever cared about,” Azure, fox leader of the Association of Wags and Knockabouts commented. The auction was not universally well received, however. “I think the auction was a fairly cynical attempt by the Society of Evil Doers to offload some of their costs onto their intended victims,” Kefan, leader of the Society of Good Doers remarked. “Every bit of income they get to cover the cost of taking care of their own is income freed up to spend on other, more nefarious activities.”

“The Society of Elite Defenders is here to do precisely what is in its title. It’s not unreasonable that we engage the community in a fun-spirited event to raise support in caring for our troops,” Kelketek, public relations fox for the SED said. “Just about everyone I saw there had a great time, and we’ve made wonderful progress in helping out those who need it.”

The auctions finished with the bidding on the plush of Aina 72, who has become popular recently among the people. Jukka, close friend of 72, bid repeatedly in an attempt to win the smaller version of his companion. “I’m good friends with 72 so I thought the plush would be a nice reminder of her when she’s too busy to go running,” the deer commented. “I thought the auction was pretty stressful — I didn’t expect so much interest in the 72 plush!”

Initially, Jukka had no competition for the 72 plush. “I kinda wanted to razz him a little by bidding ten more credits. But it’s not like I could have taken it much farther.” Kelketek said, having bid on the item despite also running the auction. Kelketek wasn’t the only one to challenge Jukka. “I mostly started bidding just because I wanted to spice things up a little,” WhyteShadow commented. After a while, Natasha picked up where Jukka left off until the bidding got up to 11,000 credits, at which point, a silent bid was introduced, leaving WhyteShadow victorious with a bid of 38,450. Jukka, who was said to look “depressed” at the loss, was  reportedly  “surprised” when WhyteShadow had the plush given to him instead. “I was always intending to give the plush to Jukka if I won – I could tell he was passionate about it.”

“I don’t know him very well at all, really,” the deer stated, “but I’m extremely grateful. Having the plush of my dear friend means a lot to me.”

The results of the auction were as follows:

Aina 58 plush: Zeta – 2,050 credits
Aina 56 plush: Jukka – 2,050 credits
Mina plush: Silvyr – 2,040 credits
Aina 72 plush: WhyteShadow – 38,450 credits

With the normal fundraising, the auctions, and the matched funds by Morticon, the Society of Elite Defenders Benevolence Fund raised a total of 99,680 credits, 4080 for the scholarship fund, and the rest for the retirement and rehabilitation center.

Kelketek showed his ledger to reporters, “Thanks to Morticon and the generous population of SpinDizzy, we can begin work on the center soon, and one lucky student will have a good portion of his or her costs covered.”

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