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Silvyr Offers Serious Candy Warning, Dingo Questions Warning Value

Silvyr, wolftaur, wished to offer this comment following a harrowing life experience: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I bear word of a dangerous chemical reaction available to minors.  Yesterday evening, my player and diverse other furries were partaking of cola and candies, and one of these candies ended up in a cola bottle.  These candies, found in metallic containers resembling mystery boxes, power up mushrooms and life mushrooms from Super Mario Brothers, reacted massively.

“In an attempt to head off the reaction, my player attempted to suck off the foam from the top of the bottle, and suffered massive foam surging into various bits of facial anatomy.  The foam, heavily laden with carbon dioxide, caused a deoxygenation effect on my player.  The effects ranged from distortion of sight to disorientation to massive soda spillage.

“This strength of reaction was extremely  surprising, as my player has managed to handle a Mentos eruption in the same manner with ease.  Please, don’t mix random candies and cola, you might lose half your drink!”

Asked to estimate the magnitude of his candy losses, he guessed, “Oh, a single 2 gram candy, I think.  Or 4 grams, I can’t rightly remember how much they actually weigh singly.  A Mentos weighs roughly an ounce, or 28 grams, by comparison.”

Dingo, dingo, offered as a second thought, “Hmmmm… A soda and candy that reacts by ejaculating a massive amount of foam. I might have to try this for myself to see if I can handle it too! But… er, I guess that the point of the report is to get people not to try it….”  Silvyr attempted but failed to resist laughing.

As further comment, BunnyHugger offered, “Peanut Butter Bumpers!”  Chitter double-facepawed.

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