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SpinDizzy Landing for Refueling, Repairs

(This message is IC)

SpinDizzy Residents,

Years ago, the community helped our planetoid make a scheduled landing on a special refueling planet. The planet gave us much needed energy, food, and made much needed repairs. Our landmass also grew, which gave us much opportunity to expand. For many years after, our planetoid has made its way through space uninhibited.

Long range sensors have indicated another such refueling planet is on the horizon and we are likely scheduled to land on it. Once again, we must all work together to make sure we are still capable of landing, actually take the controls and land our planetoid, allow the refueling to take place, then take off again and let the autopilot take over.

As we have an almost totally new group of residents this time around, we will need to make new plans and draw upon the experience of the few left from the original landing. This is not the time to bicker about good vs. evil, or even wallabies vs. centaurs. If we’re to make this a success, we all need to work together.

I know I can count on your future support. Watch the newspaper and bulletin board for more news as it develops.

Morticon Wallaby
Society of Elite Defenders (SED)

(OOC: Please contact me if you have any ideas, suggestions, or a desire to run or participate in future RPs related to this. This is a relatively long term, MUCKwide series of RPs and there’s room for lots of plots. Of course, participation is entirely voluntarily, but you’ll miss out on the fun if you stay on the sidelines! Since this is in the planning stages, I especially want to hear from people on the “day shift” who want to run plots. )


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