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Sirianna, Azure Inaugurated As Mayor, Vice Mayor

Sirianna Vasa was sworn in on the 22nd of February as the seventh Mayor of SpinDizzy. In the same event at City Hall, Azure Varisha was sworn in as the second Vice Mayor. The ceremony was led by Mayor Emeritus Jaxen.

Jaxen declared the electorate to have made “an excellent choice of civil servants” and thanked all who participated in “a model election, with superb attitudes, temperaments, and fun all around,” particularly elections head Kefan and defeated candidates Bleu, Featherwing, Kandra, Thurisaz, and Zen.

After declaring he had known Sirianna “for years”, outgoing mayor Jukka placed the ceremonial hat upon the head of the new mayor, and swore her to “do your best to fulfill the duties, obligations, and aspirations of the community as represented by the Office of Mayor of SpinDizzy.” Sirianna thanked the outgoing Mayor and the assembled public, saying, “It will be an honor to serve, and I look forward to what we can all accomplish together this year.”

Morticon, first and outgoing Vice Mayor, swore in Azure, asking if he would “take this hat, a token of the vice-mayorality, and hearby solemnly swear to up hold its meaning honourably, for as long as Mayor Sirianna shall breathe among us for the coming year.” Azure accepted, adding, “should I fail in this task may my name be forgotten and my songs unsung until the last star fades.”

Following the swearing-in the party in the City Hall continued for some time.

This is Sirianna’s first public office in the SpinDizzy civic administration. Azure had previously held the posts of Deputy Mayor and Mayor until he was selected wizard in 2012, at which time he left the civic for the server administration. He has not resigned his wizardship.

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