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SpinDizzy Fair to Debut Friday

The SpinDizzy Fair is ready to begin Friday, Fair organizer BunnyHugger announced today in a post on the Rose Garden bulletin board. BunnyHugger, devilbunny, stated, “My team of builders have been working hard to get the grounds ready for the grand opening. There are some terrifying rides, tasty concessions, exciting games, and fascinating exhibits already in place, and more should be coming.”

She provided a list of exhibitions, contests, and other activities that are welcoming participants, along with the contact person for those events:

  • Invention Exhibition — Dragoncat
  • Fashion Show — Beltrami
  • Art Exhibition — Claude and WhyteShadow
  • Story Circle — Morticon
  • Sideshow/Freak Show — Cora
  • Old Cat Match (Baseball-type game) — Austin
  • Time Capsule — Skyler
  • Fair Monarch Pageant — BunnyHugger
  • Produce Exhibition — BunnyHugger
  • Livestock Exhibition — BunnyHugger

According to BunnyHugger, there is also still room for more people to contribute buildings to the grounds, especially food stands, games, and rides; interested parties are directed to contact her as soon as possible.

“Plus, there is a lot of unclaimed time on the schedule, so any other events people want to run are still welcome,” BunnyHugger wrote.  “Take a look at the stickied board post I made (“Event List and Call for Volunteers”) and if something catches your fancy and hasn’t been put on the schedule, why not step up to run it?”

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