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Kern Ominously Silent As Control Center Explored

Kern, clockwork tern, who has previously been seen to have strange understandings of the way the world works, appeared at the raucous exploration of Spindizzy’s Control Center held Friday evening. However, the normally loquacious bird was silent through the proceedings.

Kern, who was key in explaining procedures on the prior city landing, appeared in Flight Control, located somewhere beneath Squirrel City, as the apparently obsolescent nature of its technology was being debated by a crowd including Morticon (wallaby), Kelketek (fox), Andreas (fox), and Silvyr (displacer beast). After grabbing hold of a vacuum tube being held by Vanilla (sqonq), it followed the crowd to the Main Generator, and the gigantic flywheel spinning rapidly within.

While it landed on the heads of several people, including Jimun (cartoon bat), Jaxen (vixen), and Royce (raccoon), as it commonly does, it did not make any demands or tests or announce it was involved in any projects. It ultimately took off toward the flywheel, spun around it, and accelerated to incredible speeds flying out of range.

Natasha (coati) noted, “The whole situation must be pretty sobering, if Kern‘s speechless.”

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