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2011 SpinDizzy Fair Announced

BunnyHugger, devilbunny, has announced that the 2011 SpinDizzy Fair will be held August 26-September 11 on the fairgrounds at Edgeworld Park (S4 E10). Contrary to her claim at the end of the 2010 Fair that the next “World’s Fair” (larger, multi-week fair) would not be held until 2013, with smaller fairs in 2011 and 2012, BunnyHugger announced that this will be another full-scale Fair. At the suggest of Sally, velociraptor, subsequent World’s Fairs will be held in odd years, leaving even years for Olympics events and smaller carnivals.

Sally has signed on as the Director of Pavilion Exhibitions and has stated that several pavilions are already under construction including My Little Pony and Zinc pavilions. Those wishing to create pavilions showcasing a culture, world, or industry should contact Sally for building assistance. Construction of shops, amusement rides, and games to add to the existing park facilities is also underway and those wishing to participate should contact BunnyHugger.

Directors for other exhibitions including Art, Invention, Produce, and Livestock, are still being sought. Volunteers to run events such as the talent show, Fair Monarch pageant, and other competitions and social events are also needed. Those wishing to volunteer should contact BunnyHugger.

A Fair Planning Board, located at the grounds outside Edgeworld Park (S4 E10), has been established to provide information about volunteering opportunities and also to solicit suggestions for activities and other aspects of the Fair. To be notified when something is posted to the board, go to S4 E10 and enter ‘fsubscribe.’

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