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Obituary: Waydya [OOC]

From a notice board post by Austin.

I am sorry to announce the death of Ragnar Fyri, who was known to us as Waydya squirrel.  He is reported to have died the 30th of May.  I do not right now have more information about the circumstances of Waydya’s passing.

I think of Waydya as among the founding group of SpinDizzy players, one of those with us from the days of Toons, Furr & Fluff as well as the start of SpinDizzy.  It is a loss to us all.

There is some information in this thread at The Nice, where Waydya’s player was a prolific commenter.

Here is the official notice of his death.

And here is a tribute strip.

Austin Dern, Managing Editor


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