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World’s Fair 2013: Call for Builders

I’m formally soliciting for people to build pavilions for the 2013 SpinDizzy World’s Fair.  The 2013 World’s Fair is more than eight months away, but I hope that by encouraging an early start, we can get large numbers of pavilions, equalling or exceeding in detail and elaborateness those of prior Fairs.  I know the recent Building Classes have been well-attended, and this seems (to me at least, although I’m probably biased) an excellent opportunity to build something that the public will come to look at and marvel over.

Existing pavilions are: Lemurs, Otters, Devilbunnies, The SED, The Zinc Society, Hall of Friendship, Clan LunaStar, and SpinDizzy in a Nutshell.

The meta-theme that seems to unite all of these pavilions, whether species-based or organization-based, is that of education.  The displays that struck people most in past Fairs have been the ones that went into detail about a species’ or organization’s view of itself and its place in the world.  Interactive exhibits, and souvenir vending machines are always popular touches as well.

If you’ve an idea, but are unsure of your ability to build it, we’ll give you guidance, although you’ll still do the actual work.  We want you to produce a crowd-pleaser.  Mail or talk to Sally if you’re interested.

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