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Mayoral Election 4 Scheduled

The schedule for the fourth Mayoral Election has been posted to the main bulletin board. The Elections Department, a four-member panel consisting of boolean creature Xor, humanoid creature Westly, reformed human BunnyHugger, and often-reforming balloon Beltrami, announced the election to run through several weeks in January, and promised to shortly post electioneering rules to avoid the strife associated with Elections 3.

The scheduled major events are:

January 7 Official Calling of election. Nominations will be accepted only from the 7th to the 11th.
January 11 Nominations Day. Start of campaigns. No electioneering prior to the publication of the official Candidate List.
January 20 Start of Voting. End of electioneering.
January 23 Close of Voting. Winner announced after the close.
January 26 Inauguration of new Mayor.

No announcement has been made regarding the exact rules of the campaign, whether there will be any open debates, or whether any general all-candidate events will be held.

Balloting is to be by instant runoff, as with Elections 3.

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