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Treasure Hunters, Foes Sought

A little roleplay has slowly been taking shape as of late, and I figured it was time to announce a time and date, Therefore, prospective players are invited on Saturday, 10 a.m. server time, to an introductory session in which we’ll explain what it’s all about (hopefully in character), and maybe play the first episode (which is all I have planned right now).

The players so far are Westly, Azure, Kefan, Casandro, and I, and tentatively Garrison and Jukka. We can’t accomodate many more at any one time, but having reserves would be good. The adventure will be a lighthearted treasure hunt, with flying around, exploring abandoned complexes and so on. We’re in need of extra ideas for further into the game, notably opponents (this will not involve the SED in any way, shape or form).

If you want to participate but the time and date are bad for you,
let one of us know early.

The suggested meeting place is the public library at N2 E3.


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