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Beltrami Gathering Carrots While in Rabbit Form

Beltrami, reformed mayor, has been going out in public in her balloon rabbit body since last Sunday and the results have been dramatic. Nearly each day has seen at least one generous former constituent give her a carrot. It would usually be an inflatable carrot, but is sometimes plush; in any case the common thread is how it is not ordinarily edible, thereby matching Beltrami’s typical status as one who does not eat.

While she has not been observed to consume or to pantomime consuming any of these gifts she has accepted them with modest bafflement and none seem to have reappeared as either carrots or carrot-based life forms. It is supposed they are being put to some practical purpose or else are being used as a base from which to grow a vinyl garden. She does not seem to have been a recipient of so much spontaneous generosity since several years ago when newcomers felt regularly the urge to give her pen and paper.

We may also suppose that while this shape and this spontaneous outpouring of inflatable vegetables to her lasts that she will be able to handle any unexpected puncturing with a quick carrot patch.

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