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Survey: What’s Someplace You Wish Was Here but Isn’t Yet?

For the survey this time I asked people what’s a place they wished was here on SpinDizzy but that isn’t yet. When they named a place that’s already around I put in directions when I could find them.

Claude said, “I couldn’t say. We have a lot of cool places we don’t use.” A lot of people said things like that, so I asked what one of those places was. “Like, we have at least a couple of malls we hardly ever visit. There’s the moon [N8 W8], and a space station [t #5000; Deactivate] or three.” He said he’s been to the moon here “on rare occasions,” but not more often because “I guess the moon is a bit out of the way […] so people don’t often gather there.”

Harmony said something kind of the same: “Honest truth, Leslie, is that if you’ve the lay of the land, you’d find just about everything’s been built on SpinDizzy at one point or another, it’s just that most of it’s gotten dusty and forgotten off in some corner of the grid.”

Then Toledo added, “And what you don’t see, you build. [At] least, that’s what I did.” He explained ” You could say I ‘discovered’ a forest and an old diner, tucked out of the way.” That was the Horizon, “just beyond the beaten path.” [S3 W3]

Harmony agreed and said she did the same only not with a diner. She said there “wasn’t a good vaudeville theater, until the Footlight” that she built [S3 W1; Rf]. But she said for places that people ought to go see more, “Patchy [has] a cheerfully spooky sort of Halloween garden that’s got a touch of fun to it. Good place for a ghost story, that is.” [N3 E6; Path; Jellicle Fields; Stone Path]

Nova said it wished there were a place for toys like itself. “That’s what we need: a city where toys live, kinda like the balloon fields [S4 W6], but on a larger scale.” It would be a home for homeless toys and a place for manufacturing toys. Kefan said that he couldn’t help but think of the Island of Misfit Toys then.

Thurisaz said, “I wish more was developed, so I could explore endlessly more often.” But he wasn’t sure about what kinds of places he liked exploring. “Anywhere. As long as it’s usermade and I get to see people’s creativity.” I didn’t get to find out what’s a kind of place he really liked already though.

Natasha said she “honestly [has] no idea. More open spaces would be nice, sure.”

Alessa thought SpinDizzy “has too many rooms anyways,” because there are “not enough people around to need the number of locations. If people actually did explore and disperse, it’d be like settling on different continents. Look at how much of it gets used on a daily basis. There’s basically 2-4 rooms that amass small groupings of people and then private gatherings.”

Sondra said she’s “not really sure!” Even from picking places that are already here, “there’s malls, restaurants, amusement parks…all sorts of things!”

Jukka said he thought SpinDizzy could have “a nude beach! We have normal beaches [N0 E1, or N8 E8; Ne; or S3 E6; D; D; and more places], but no nude beaches!” I asked if people would be scared of being nude and he said, “Some people would, but they don’t have to go there. I’m scared of cartoons, which is why I don’t go to the Cartoon Jungle [N6 E0] a whole lot!” But he also said, “If you don’t think that’s a good idea, maybe a game store? We have the Casino [N2 W2; Sw; C] and some of the games could be moved there, but maybe there’s more games we could have too.”

Micajah said the kind of place SpinDizzy ought to have was “a quiet one.” I asked if he meant like a library and he just said “Never mind.”

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