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Idle-Purge Coming for July 2015

Idle-Purge Coming for July 2015

I’m sorry to say that it’s time to do a new idle-purge. The people listed here are going to be removed from the database and their objects recycled sometime after Saturday the 25th of July. They’ll be kept around, though, if they connect, or if we get word from their players that they hope to connect.

If you know any of them, please pass word on that they’re in danger, and would be missed if they don’t connect at all. Each will be missed horribly if they’re gone. If you don’t know how to contact them, leave page #mail to their character; if they connect and know they are missed, they might visit more often.

People can rescue their characters by connecting, by contacting a wizard here or elsemuck, or by e-mailing wizzes@spindizzy.org.

Aiden Akvo Alyn Amber Anja
Articus Aurora Azulez B.J. Bigears
BillyBob BirthdayBear Blaze Bogatyr Braith
Brenda BrightEyes Brightheart Bug Bunsen
Cammy Ceredwyn Charlie Clyde Cobalt
Courvina Cubbi DanielLion Darwin Dax
Daystar deletem201305310 deleteme100102 deleteme12345667 deleteme2013110
deleteme2013111 deleteme2013112 deleteme2013113 deleteme2013114 deleteme2013115
deleteme2013116 deleteme20140414 Divina Dove Drift
Duntorah Emmani Erebus Eric_Coon Erik
Even Felix Flash Floo Flux
FoxPaws Fritz Fu Gallagong Hazel
Henrietta Indi Ing Jackpot Jackrabbit
Jaffa Jason Jeanne Jeffery Jehnya
Jenora Jet Jing Jintrop K’supyo
KachSaFea Kaiel Kamden Karl Konayuki
Koroshi Kyoko Larian Lou Luaie
Luna_Dragonclaw Lundy Lynne Maddison Mahwah
Mankato Marcial Milan Mirerra Moonraiser
Motile Mugen Mystiq Nall Niran
nyc.squirrel Nymphette Patashu Patricia Peppermint
Pi Premchaia Rama Rhea Rin
Riptide Rocket Romero Rowan Rubberbando
Rysko Ryu Salisa Samuel Sanic
Sanogan Seaweed Selethrial Shadowfire Shaunfeur
Shizuka Sketch Skolf Skully Spaceroo
Spots Stan Strawberries Susan Suzie
Ta’Sha Taen Tallulah Tannlore Tanuki
TarkaDahl Tarterum Tavai Tempest Tetsuko
Tora Tristan Tzolkin Umber Vassily
WhyteShadow Wurragurr Zac Zephyr Zhora

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