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Survey: What Would You Like to Do for the E-Holiday Parade?

There’s always a parade for the E-Holiday, the Everything Holiday, and I asked people what they would like to do for it. That’s even if you aren’t going to be able to be there for it.

Thurisaz had to think about it a bit and said finally, ” I think I’d like to try something different for this e’holiday. Something I havn’t done before, either for a holiday or my usual routine. Perhaps I’ll ask someone who can transmutate to turn me into something other than a dragon! Something with fur, perhaps? A Panther? Quad or anthro. Oh…an anthro for a day would be interesting…” Borris suggested a wooly mammoth, and Thurisaz said, “Big. I’m already big.”

Samnang thought that for the parade, he’d like “a theme of where we’re all from. Like homeworlds, cultures or unique things about our selves could be displayed.” But he also had a big idea for something to do for E-Holiday that would be different:

“Walk in someone else’s proverbial shoes. So others can get to see what it’s like to be someone else for a time.” He said, “I think it might be an experience to get perceptions on how folks would treat others. Like what would Ping think if she were in, say, Niny’ah’s body or Borris’s and vice versa. The concept of how the world around us is different and whether or not someone gets treated unfairly but their concerns fall upon deaf ears because others just don’t see the world the same way. Not sure, but it could be done as a surprise thing. No notice, just suddenly folks wake up and they’re someone else. For the day.” That’s too much for a parade but it could be a different part of the day or a whole other day.

Borris said, “Hm, I would drive my old T72 main battle tank, but it would be decorated :)” He said he has a tank, “old, but well cared-for,” that’s from the Russian Army, “from place Borris used to be.” I asked if they knew he had it and he said, “I don’t think they know. But it’s okay. OK, I stole the tank.” He said they might want the tank back, “If they can find it. :)”

Chaz said he would probably just spectate but he thinks it sounds fun. Parades need spectators too!

Maynard the raccoon also said he didn’t have any special plans.

Elissa said she’d “Have food and drink and a Hallmark Christmas Special marathon” and I asked if she meant to do that at the parade. She said for that she’d “have lots of cider and hot chocolate!””

Harmony said she’d like maybe a “Large float that looks like Hydrogen, then? That ought to cover most of everything, at that.” This made Chaz think about a ceremonial flyover of the parade, and Maynard said “I imagine it’s like fitting clowns into a clown car.”

Dragoncat said he wasn’t going to be around but if he were, “I’d like to try something with steel drums though. I dig that sound!”

Featherwing said he wasn’t sure. He said he “does have a reindeer form, but isn’t sure what else is going on that might require such a form.”

Gilead said, “I will make a cake float that says ‘EAT ME’ on the side, and enter it in the parade without telling anyone, and then I’ll ram the other floats, and cut the rope holding the cake on, and then a car will come out of the cake, all black with a big armored turret on it, and it will say Delta Tau Chi DEATH MACHINE, and then I’ll ram the grandstand while Flounder and another person named Otter pour marbles all over the road.” I don’t know who Founder is or which otter is Otter.

Claude didn’t know either and said “my repertoire is rather limited. :/”

Darius said he wasn’t going to be able to be at the parade and when I asked what he’d like to do if he could be there for it said, “I’m afraid I don’t know what the parade is about Leslie. So It’d be hard for me to decide. :P” It’s for celebrating anything you want to celebrate.

Mote said, “I would like to see a parade of christmas woozles,” and Darius thought that sounded nice.

Kefan said, “I really can’t think of anything. I suppose I would be most likely to join in the celebration that looks most fun. I could help pull someone’s float. Heck, with enough flowers and bunting, I could be a small float. :D” And he could and that would be great!

.Kandra (not Kandra) said “I don’t know if I have anything I want to celebrate, but nothing has come to mind so far,” so should get to hear about the stuff people want to celebrate.

When I asked Jukka about the parade he said “Well, yeah, I should know about ’em [parades]! I guess we can have one. A parade.”

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