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Survey Question: What Are You Thankful for Doing This Year?

Chaz said, “Tryin’ to get my wings. Halfway there as of yesterday! Also, got commissioned. And survived SERE training.” That means Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape. “It’s a military training for anyone who stands a relatively high chance of being stranded either in the wilderness or behind enemy lines during a conflict. Effectively, it’s a lot of general survival training combined with a week of stomping around in the woods. Kinda fun if you like camping. It’s geared towards non-combatants, though. No weapons or anything. Just trying to keep yourself alive and well. Very valuable stuff.”

Roddy said, “No, I’m thankful for everything I did.”

PatchO’Black said, “Giving out treats to friends! I give marshmellows and toot sweets and…well, lot of other sweets!” I asked if they were healthy sweets and he said, “I grow them, so they are good for you.”

Westly said, “I suppose all of the writing I’ve been doing recently. Not just this month, but…this past year.” He said he writes books mostly the kind he said were urban fantasy, “made-up things in the cities.” He said, “I made enough on the first [book] to have a nice sushi dinner!”

Azure said, “I am thankful that I have learned all the things I have.” I asked what’s something he learned and he said, “How better to share thoughts and feelings with others. More directly.”

Samnang said, “I’m thankful for that I survived possible threats on my life because I’m smarter than the one that threatened it. Of course a bag of wet newspapers is also probably smarter than this individual, so that’s not much competition there or a good comparison. Anyway, I’m thankful to be here and have those I can call friends to speak with.” I asked who but he said, “Just someone that isn’t important enough to remember acted rather true to their nature. It nearly caused me grave harm, which isn’t the first time I’ve been harmed or nearly harmed by the lack of intelligence of some folks.”

Thurisaz said, “It was going forward to tell Morticon about my failing cybernetics. Only to find out, quite fortunately, that he was willing to replace a number of key components for free! Considering that I live on SED lands and therefore an SED resident.”

Sapphire had a very sad answer, “I dunno… I haven’t done.. anything, really. just sleep…” She couldn’t think of anything she was glad she did, “Plenty of regrets, yes, not nothing to really be proud of.”

Gilead said he was thankful “I swam to my brother’s wedding, even though it was far away.” He said an otter wedding is “like most weddings. Lots of fish to eat, and hugging.”

Kandra said, “I have trouble figuring out what the year was even like,” but thought about it and said, “The only thing like this I’ve thought of so far, really, is that I kept playing/practicing violin very consistently. But I don’t know how I feel about that.”

Dragoncat said, “I did manage to break my [art] block, if only for a few days.” He explained he’s “not quite an artist. I just sketch,” but he shared pictures at his Deviant Art account and at they’re both of Pokemons.

Simon said, “A thing I’m thankful I did this year would be roleplaying more. Not the biggest thing, I think, but it is a thing. n.n”

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