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SpinDizzy Fair Planning Commences

The first planning meeting for the 2010 SpinDizzy Fair was convened by BunnyHugger, devilbunny and Fair Organizer, in Meliora Park on Tuesday evening.  A large crowd was in attendance and offered numerous suggestions for events, exhibitions, and concessions.

The question of where to locate the fairgrounds was discussed, with several participants suggesting that the grounds should either be on the seashore to allow for swimming and pleasant scenery, or on the edge of SpinDizzy to take advantage of the possibilities for unusual thrill rides.

After the meeting, BunnyHugger posted a list of proposed events and exhibitions on the Rose Garden bulletin board, with a request that anyone interested in running any of the proposed events contact her by page #mail.  She also noted that suggestions for events not listed are still welcome.

The posted list is as follows:

Events that need organizers

  • Fair King/Queen pageant (this will be need to run prior to, or on the first day of the fair)
  • Talent show
  • Sideshow/freak show
  • Pie-eating contest
  • Story circle
  • Other games or contests that you think of
  • Auction (perhaps White Elephant auction)
  • Exhibition of produce
  • Exhibition of livestock (probably the stranger the better)
  • Exhibition of inventions
  • Art exhibition (including links to actual visual art created for the Fair, works of textual description, and possibly ASCII art)

Opportunities for building

  • Amusement rides
  • Pavilions representing various cultures (e.g. other worlds) or other walk-through displays
  • Concession booths

According to BunnyHugger, early interest in the Fair is high.  “So far, Suri has signed up to build a pavilion representing the Secret Lemur Empire, Motile is going to build an exhibit with an as-yet-unrevealed theme, Kelketek has offered to provide a shooting range and pugil stick arena, Azure might run the Story Circle, Ali is thinking of designing a roller coaster… lots of people have expressed an interest in entering the talent show or other events,” BunnyHugger said.  She added that there will be a call for event participants closer to the Fair, but that she is waiting for the leadership roles to be settled first.

“I went to visit a possible site for the fairgrounds today,” BunnyHugger said.  “It looks promising, but there are some details that still need to be worked out with the wizards and neighboring landowners before the choice can be made public.  Let me just say that I don’t think anyone will be disappointed; it’s going to be a spectacular setting.  And I’m confident that the Fair will be spectacular enough to match it.”

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