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SpinDizzy Control Center Explored

On August 14, a group assembled in the SpinDizzy control center heard a lecture by Morticon, learning the fact this world was created, at least partially, by someone. The spindizzies and machinery were built and installed, as shown by pictures near the elevator. It is not known who built it, or why. The landings seem to be for maintenance and refueling, and occur every 4-6 years. More such worlds were built, and we may come into contact with some when we land.

Heading down, the group entered the main control room, which had flickering displays, red lights, and a buzzing, broken tape reader, among other small issues. It would need some fixing by knowledgeable people before the landing. The displays showed some smaller spindizzies, stationed around the planetoid, that may need repair work done to them, once they can be found. It is thought the one under the garden is damaged for sure. It was suggested the control center in general may have been built or maintained by the squirrels in Squirrel City.

Next, the group went to astrogation. The room appeared intact, but no one was sure of where SpinDizzy is going, how to operate the controls, if we are on the right path, or how long it would be until we got to the refueling plane. Persephone wondered if astrogation could show the location of other spindizzies.

Flight control came after. Last time the world landed, it took about six people, plus some in astrogation, to land and take off.   A similar group will be needed again.   There was a “runner” to do communication back and forth between the two rooms, but perhaps this time a communication system could be installed or fixed.

Finally, the group went to the master spindizzy generator. Sparks were seen on the lower axis along with a bad-sounding humming noise. The wheel itself looked dirty and wobbled more than would be expected. The water had grown to a much larger size than is safe — it seems the drainage has been blocked somehow, and there were chunks of things in the water.  These things would need to be repaired.

It was suggested by Royce that the main one could be shut down temporarily for repairs while the other spindizzy generators are ramped up to temporarily offset the shutdown. Robotic spiders were suggested to help with this.

Royce, raccoon, [the OOC creator of the control center], stated the area was not entirely complete. Perhaps someone could help him build some more things, or offer ideas or encouragement. Next came a visit to the observatory.

Azure, fox, offered this comment on the evening’s events: “People on a normal planet aren’t on any mission but to swing around their star over and over.”

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