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Shiny Day Brings Sparkle to Life

The fourth annual Shiny Day came on March 17, and was celebrated with multiple events in the sparkling Sky Lounge in Neopolis. Many wore costumes, and others took shapes that increased their general sparkliness. The Rose Garden as, as in previous years, redecorated into a metallized, mirror-heavy version of itself despite the risk of leaving the raccoon community dazzled. The community expressed no complaints.

The festival — marking incidentally the first day of Larian, multicolored malamute, as a regular character on the muck — featured a Shiny Costume contest held in the early afternoon, won by PatchO’Black, who took on his jewel kitten form. A ball, including karaoke, was held in the evening. For those unable to find costumes or clothing a Shiny Box providing TRaMs that covered one in glittery surfaces was placed in the Rose Garden.

BunnyHugger appeared in costume as the Princess of Arneb, and Chitter the Prince of Nihal. Austin dressed with, particularly, a long garland tied to his tail which he has kept on since then. Roofus_roo appeared in character as a kangaroo “bopper”, appearing more toylike than usual. Garrison debuted a form of a marble-like balloon sphere. Jaxen appeared in a sparkling blue tuxedo.

BunnyHugger also took the chance of the holiday to announce the forthcoming 1980s Karaoke Night, scheduled for the 24th of April. This is to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the band Brixx’s 17th-place finish in the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest despite their entry “Video, Video” reaching heights of early-80s-ness that even the Buggles might have envied.

No direct comment from Twitter imitation celebrity @FakeTrevorHorn was available, although he did hope the dress code was “shiny jacket required”.

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