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Love Day Preserved By Community Vote

A move from the Mayor’s Office to stroke Love Day from the roster of official holidays was mooted through the month of March. After furious debate and campaigning on the issue the holiday was kept on the schedule.

Mayor Enkeli, citing research by Deputy Mayor Jaxen which indicated that Love Day was unpopular, put forth a vote March 14 on whether the day should be kept or whether it should be removed from the calendar. The claim was that the primary observance of Love Day was the complaining about Love Day.

Several citizens including former Mayor Beltrami — marking her first entry into muck politics since the expiration of her term — campaigned for the holiday’s preservation. One particular post in favor noted that attendance at Love Day events has been rising and has included more activities over the years.

The final ballot count included 15 votes in favor of keeping Love Day and 12 votes against the holiday. In a bulletin board post Enkeli expressed the hope “this minor controversy was not too rough on folks.”

No word has yet been made public about what other holiday or holidays may be considered for removal or replacement.

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