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Selected WordPlay Highlights

For those who missed the WordPlay day in the Rose Garden we offer some highlights of altered dialogue.

Skyler says, “I tangerine that’s not boundary what Kern had in mind.”
Jet chirrups, it’s probably hard to read his puzzled expression from atop his head.
Austin says, “Brixx would roller coaster.”

Emerald’ says, “Ahem, sorry poliwog hipster. I found it a lot more fun to just jump off Spengo pocket than take a ship! Didn’t vegetable the landing through, though.. guys missed a hell of a party!”

Kantuck says, “Thank the great maker he was, FW. The injury was horrendious and it was one of those pie I pony to be in the wrong arithmetic at the calculator time.”

Austin says, “Christmas, JasonRDT.”
JasonRDT says, “Merry Tablet to you too, Austin.”

Austin says, “You OK, Claude?”
Zen earperks? “Toothbrush?” 😮
Austin says, “Toothbrush?”
Zen ohs! He facepalms as he forgets! “Yup! You said toothbrush!” 😛
Austin says, “Well, you started it, Zen.”
Zen laughs! “‘Austin says, “You OK, Toothbrush?”‘”
Austin says, “No, I asked Claude if he was OK.”
Austin says, “I don’t know anyone who’s a toothbrush except probably Mischa. With her I’m just playing the odds, though.”
Zen laughs even more! “Telephone?”
Austin says, “Tell a phone what?”
Zen laughs maddly as if he’s going insane!

Zen says, “I didn’t know you had Claude’s number! Did he forget his rain?”

Skyler says, “I’m looking as oboe as I can think to! I could find a pair of glasses, though.”

Kantuck had better head for bed. “Good night all!
Austin says, “Aw, litter, Kantuck.”
Austin says, “Take care, hedgehog you please?”

Rothschild flaps his arms. “I’ll have you know these were given to me on arrival! And not by my choice.”
Kantuck giggles as she puts a paw to her muzzle at Rothschild.
Austin says, “Wait, given to you?”
Austin sniffs Rothschild.
Rothschild says, “I was human before I arrived here.”
Austin oohs.
Rothschild says, “Now, I’m a sofa.”
Austin says, “Well, so’s Kefan.”
Rothschild says, “He’s a saxophone?”

Jet says, “Bat us the girl, and wipe away the crook!”
Niny’ah goes over and hugs Jet, scritching up and down his neck.
Jet had to say -something- semi-random before April Fools ended.
Austin says, “Ye-ay, brother.”
Skyler says, “Oh, you haven’t got to be particular rain it, Jet! It’s…pretty random as it is!”

Guest1 says, “How do i know if these people are in a jar session/room/whatever or are idle?”
Sonja says, “jar session what”
Guest1 says, “Oh, then that aardvark that this is the only room with people anyway!”

Kern says, “Oh dear oh dear must have clicked the wrong bubble!”
Austin says, “Giving things the chance to pop?”
Jet has a nonphysical diet. it’s complicated. Unfortunately, only Findra really knew it.
Kern beak-taps the other side of Jet’s head.
Kern says, “Don’t space! We’ll get you back to trumpet!”
Austin says, “Just in time to be a plush swan.”

Guest1 says, “I hardly even know what’s really soda. bath, can’t find word… Atmopshere is guess”

Royce says, “It’s alright. Have a bit of a headache though.”
Austin says, “Roofus hide a metal rowboat in the fridge again?”

[ Guest1 complains — incorrectly — of being unable to use whereare and other directional commands ]
fluffy says, “Oh, weren’t those disabled thanks to a certain rat?”
Guest1 says, “No wa, fa, find, findall, wadir”
Sonja says, “just a guess but I think Austin think that’s a terrible oversight”
Guest1 says, “So, yeah. Lost. No common syntax is rock opera.”

Skyler says, “Should it be an understood kiss, I beetle I’m going to be off for birthday. :)”

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