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Kern Repairs Featherwing Until Arms Fall Off

In a visit early this month clockwork inca tern Kern, who professes to have responsibilities for making the world work right yet also typically sounds crazy, spotted Featherwing, who was wearing his Mechanized Ninetails body. The bird quickly hopped into the robot’s mouth and disappeared within. Kern emerged shortly with a set of ball bearings, tossed them aside, and went back into Featherwing to do something which produced a loud thump, followed by Featherwing’s right arm dropping off. Following some more rattling Featherwing’s left arm dropped off.

Sonja, the mechanical frilled lizard, followed Kern’s instructions to put the arms back on, following some confusion about just when “the word” to put them on was given. Kern warned Featherwing to “remember to re-renobulate the rotational retrocalpation every 280,” advice Featherwing promised to take.

Whether this might have led somewhere further is unclear as Kern noticed Rothschild, a vampire bat, which the bird proclaimed to be “a spy,” which the skinny anthro bat denies being. Rothschild insists he was a human until, following the inscribing of a rune of teleportation, he appeared on SpinDizzy (or about “two meters off the ground”) and found himself to be a bat. Kern was unconvinced.

Kern proceeded to examine Jet, a plush gryphon, and promised to find help from Ing in “[putting] every clock we can to working hard on you.” Jet demonstarted its ability to morph into a plush Macaw-roc, which considerably soothed the clockwork bird’s anxieties until it noticed Royce, raccoon, had come in too.

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