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Patch O’Black Celebrates April Fools’ Day With a Tale

On April 1st, the crowd gathered in the Rose Garden were witness to an event not seen in about seven years. Patch O’Black, local Jellicle cat, rose up from his cat basket, seated on a regal seat with a bust of Baron Munchhausen next to him. He then announced, in celebration of April Fools’ Day, he would once again tell a tale of one his adventures in the style of the famous baron. He then reminded folks of the rules of his storytelling: after it was decided which of his adventures he would relate, as suggested by the audience, each person would be allowed to interrupt his story with a question to introduce a new element to the story, but only once.

Alan’ wanted to know about the time Patchy had to clean the toilet and got sucked into the sewer, and Kandra wanted to hear about the time Patchy hijacked a fleet of military airships or something vaguely stempunk-ish. However, it was Austin’s suggestion of the time Patchy was threatened with having two patches of black that was chosen. “Ah, yes, Austin,” the feline began, “I remember that well…”

It seems this story took place during the Jellicle’s travels around Eastern Europe, about the time of the last of the Czars. Austin then asked if it was the Russian or Bulgarian Czars. Patchy answered that it was actually during a politically confusing time when all European countries had decided to have a Czar. Alan’ asked who was the the Czar of Spain, which Austin decided to answer with “Czar Romero.” Patchy confirmed this, and further stated it was just that Czar that had called upon his services at that time.

Patchy continued his story, “As you might remember, at that time, many Czars were trying to remove from their countries roving bands of Gypsies. Some say because they felt it was that the Czars had the impression that these nomadic folks threatened their authority, but I think it was really because they didn’t like violin music…”

It seems Czar Romero wanted the gypsies removed, but not in a way that made him seem a bloodthirsty dictator. Austin sought to ask a second question, but had to be reminded that he only got to ask one question about the story. As the story then continued, the audience found out that the feline had been captured by the gypsy, who feared he was an assassin hired by the Czar, and was taken to the King of the Gypsies, who was named Lee.

Patchy was threatened with being cursed with a second patch of black, that would grow until he was a black cat and thus would be afflicted with bad luck for himself and any who crossed his path! However, when he learned that gypsies were skilled in horticulture, he came up with a plan. He had them grow flowers, and in particular one special red flower of exceptional beauty. The gypsies then presented the flower to the Czar. After he looked upon it, he knew that he could not drive out the people who grew such a lovely thing.

“So, both the Czar and the King of the Gypsies made peace, and there was a huge feast in my honor!”, concluded Patchy. “At the feast, the King of the Gypsies asked how I knew that the Czar would love the flower that much…” Patchy’s answer? “It told him, ‘Why, isn’t it obvious? Few men can resists the charms of a gypsy rose, Lee.'”

With that, Patchy took a bow, proclaiming “And thus ends my tale! And I swear it is as true as those told by Baron Munchhausen. I thank you!”

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