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April Fools’ Day Celebrated with Minor Pranks, Storytelling

Although no worldwide event on the order of last year’s word-scrambling chaos and “GeorgiaMUCK” redecoration took place this year, a few SpinDizzy citizens observed April Fools’ Day with mild silliness.

Morticon, server wallaby, made a board post claiming that FuzzBall, SpinDizzy’s MUCK software, would be retired in favor of Evennia.  Although most immediately judged this as an April Fools’ Day post, others held out the possibility that it would turn out to be legitimate.  The next day, however, found Morticon amending the post to confess that it was a prank.

NBC, network logo peacock, appeared with a new name of “CBS” and the appearance of a giant, staring eye.  He also posted a sign announcing that WSDN, SpinDizzy’s premiere television network, would be changing affiliation from NBC to CBS.

PatchO’Black, Jellicle cat, told a humorous tale about the time he had two black patches to an attentive Rose Garden crowd.  The fantastic story included Gypsies, czars, and a painfully punning conclusion.

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