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Mud Wrestling Turns Surprisingly Dirty, Messy

Arya and Jade held a Celebrate Spring Mud-Wrestling event at the Olympic Stadium (S1 E10, m, f, s) on the 14th of May. The affair promised to include mud-themed snacks, wagers on the outcome, and “plenty of fun.”

The fighting between the tigers was energetic and slippery; many spectators were either muddied or threatened with dirt. Kandra noted that it “should have worn a rain coat for this.” In an unforeseeable development the mud fight between the Society of Evil Doers participants grew sinister and potentially malicious, with mud creeping about of its own accord and threatening to enclose the stadium. Vivek, demonbat cartoon, was apparently responsible for the mud turning and attacking the crowd.

Mud makes for a difficult adversary; Niny’ah and Tash-ki’ira, who turned to a punching strategy, were able to destroy golems at the cost of covering themselves in mud that Vivek might be able to control. Azure attempted baking mud into a solid chun, while Natasha resorted to more traditional toon-effective weapons such as dancing and singing.

Emerald seems to have made the most productive move against Vivek by covering him in grass and flowers and other “pretty yet restrictive rooted items,” which grew rapidly in the supercharged soil. Vivek surrendered and Natasha declared that “we all had fun, we all won!”

No announcement has been made about the betting pool.

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