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Death Briefly Trendy

Natasha, local coati, spent parts of the past month as a ghost. She told this reporter she contracted her case of death when she swallowed an entire bottle of caffeine pills, causing a fatal overdose. Natasha explained that she had to swallow the entire bottle, as “someone gave me the bottle … what else was I supposed to do with it?”

Though not alive she did find her fate revitalizing, explaining that “I’ve been getting all kinds of new and different gags” from her condition. While she could pass through objects and people she could with effort concentrate into a bit of a material manifestation. While a ghost she as lugging around some kind of backpack with some battered, rusty indicator mechanism.

Natasha has since turned up apparently live and well.

Shadowstalker the wallaby has been a bit more steadily among the dead. He explained that while he had “made mistakes while alive” he was “lucky to get the second chance” as a defensive escort reaper. “It’s my job to see souls safely from one place to another upon their death,” in charge of natural disasters and other “situations of mass death”. While hard work he notes “I have a job and unlimited waffles so I am not unhappy”.

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