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Minerals Message Manifests Militant; Mechanic Manhandled!

THE SOLAR TRAIN STATION — Yesterday evening, Chandra al-Alkani, resident Aeronautics Engineer and New Citizen was attacked by an unknown masked militant. The cause: Proposition Alpha, a request that the SpinDizzy Central Government take more of an active role in the management of the “natural resources, mineral wealth, and natural beauty” of our flat world in space. Chandra drafted Proposition Alpha in response to “unscrupulous profiteers seeking to fully exploit, without regard to others, the natural wealth that belongs to all SpinDizzians.”

“I was just minding my own business, and suddenly I was addressed by someone wearing a mask in a rather rude tone.” The 29 year old serval went on to detail his experience, describing his assailant as a female wearing a black military uniform and bearing multiple firearms.

“At first, the whole experience was somewhat surreal,” Chandra said as he sipped on a glass of milk and ate cookies at an undisclosed location. “I was trying to show a little bravado, but in the end, the handgun came out and I started to panic.” When asked about the rest of the situation, the serval was timid — perhaps a little frightened of responding.

“I was threatened with a bullet to the head; she [the assailant] shot at my feet, and that’s when I ran.” After a short pause, Chandra al-Alkani continued. “As I ran, she took some more shots — one of them injured my ear. It was a terrifying experience to think that someone would send an assassin after a mechanic with no combat skills. What kind of world is this anyway?” When asked how he escaped, the serval smiled and relaxed.

“Adrenaline and luck,” he replied. “I would’ve been worse for wear had Azure not helped me; he found me and took me to the hospital for stitches in my ear. I was panicked over the whole thing.” When asked why Chandra was assailed he shook his head in disgust.

“They wanted me to rescind Proposition Alpha. After yesterday, I’m refusing to do so on ethical grounds,” he remarked with a hint of anger. “If they want the proposition killed, they should be rational and propose reasons as to why it shouldn’t be allowed to pass.”

When we contacted Mr. Varisha regarding the entire incident, he identified the two assailants as one of the Aina models in service to the SED, and Sora, a sniper and specialist in aerial surveillance. He was also kind enough to explain how he found Chandra.

“I just followed my nose, or whiskers and coat if you want to get picky.  I’d love to know what mineral Morticon is out to exploit that he’d take such ham-fisted action over a proposition.”

“Any assault on a citizen of this fine disk is a deplorable thing, and those involved should be brought to justice.  In a legal, non-vigilante way, preferably,” Ms. Enkeli replied with solid conviction after hearing about the assault and its relationship to Proposition Alpha.

“I think [Proposition Alpha] does have strong merit,” the ocelot mayor replied. “SpinDizzy is a relatively small area, when all’s said and done, and therefore by its very nature extremely limited in resources.” She was also quick to recognize, however, that there was a strong likelihood that there might be some controversy surrounding the request.

“It’s a complicated question, though, because this place has always been a bastion of true freedom.  If the people want more governance over resource consumption, I will do my best to implement something fair and equitable; however, I think it should be put to the people’s vote.”

Today, Chandra al-Alkani is doing well and recovering from his injuries without too much trouble. However, these aftershocks of the assault and Proposition Alpha have yet to be seen.

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