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James Blish’s Birthday Celebrated with Cake, Song

The birthday of science fiction author James Blish was celebrated on May 23 in the Starlight Ballroom of Edgeworld Park with cake and karaoke performances. Blish is among the spiritual forefathers of SpinDizzy, since he created the concept of a spindizzy in his Cities in Flight novels. This would have been Blish’s 91st birthday had he not died in 1975.

BunnyHugger, devilbunny hostess, served a special cake created for the occasion, resembling a model of the surface of SpinDizzy. Various features including mountains, forests, and the Glimmersea were sculpted from different colored frosting.

Austin, coati, started the karaoke performances with Starship’s “We Built This City.” He explained that he had originally prepared it for the 80s Karaoke Night in case time was available for a second performance, but thought it would be just as suitable for this occasion.

Next up was NBC, peacock, who sought assistance from BunnyHugger to connect his sound-generating collar to the venue’s speaker system with a wire. He then proceeded to display the opening credits from the television show Star Trek on his feathers, while singing along in the form of loud peacock calls. James Blish wrote adaptations of many Star Trek episodes.

Kroth, alien, followed NBC, saying, “I see something of myself in this song.  It is… somewhat dear to me, one could say.” His performance of the Divine Comedy’s “The Plough” brought a somber mood to the festivities, but was received appreciatively. Austin commented, “That’s awfully well-done, Kroth.”

Beltrami, balloon dragon, a frequent performer at karaoke nights, went next, playing “drums” along with the theme from the television show Lost in Space by patting Garrison, miniature skunk-taur.

BunnyHugger was as usual dressed in costume for the occasion, this time wearing a peculiar ensemble with a black velvet coat, bolo tie, gloves, and white goggles. “Who likes 1980s synthpop?” BunnyHugger asked the crowd. “Wait, that’s a dumb question. Everyone likes 1980s synthpop!” She then performed “One Simple Thing” by obscure 1980s band the Stabilizers.

The next performance was given by Valleyminks, spiky mink. Valleyminks, singing through spiracles, gave a rather strangely-intoned, yet moving, rendition of Queen’s “’39.” Afterward BunnyHugger called the official end of the event, leaving for home. Chitter, squirrel, stayed on and introduced after-hours performances by Azure, fox, and Xor, Boolean, before things broke up for the night.

BunnyHugger, though pleased with the turnout, did express dismay that Twitter celebrity imitator @FakeTrevorHorn had declined an invitation to attend. According to BunnyHugger, “He said he won’t come unless we have a J. G. Ballard Karaoke Fest instead.”

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