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Mayoral Election for 2016 Up, Running

A slate of eight candidates have been named for the 2016 Mayoral Elections. Running for SpinDizzy’s highest civilian post are (in alphabetical order) Aldrinor, Bleu, Borris, Daisy, Featherwing, Kefan, Niny’ah, and Samnang. Running the election is BunnyHugger. Balloting is to be, as in previous years, by an Instant Runoff Ballot in which voters mark all their preferences and in order. The highest vote-getter will be named Mayor, and the second-highest Deputy Mayor. Campaigning is to be done on an individual basis, without tickets.

Polling is to open on Wednesday, the 3rd of February at 12:01 am Sever Time (Pacific), and is to conclude on Sunday, the 7th of February at 11:59 pm Server Time (Pacific). The winners are to be announced the 8th of February and preside, as Mayor-Elect and Deputy Mayor-Elect, over Hugging Day on the 9th of February. A formal inauguration will follow.

A debate with as many candidates as possible is to be held before voting starts. Individual candidates may hold their own rallies, and some have already been scheduled. Aldrinor set one for the 31st of January at 13:00 Server time. Bleu, for the 2nd of February at about 14:00. Kefan plans no particular events but offers candidates the chance to drop by his deck anytime. Samnang has set one for the 1st of February at 14:00. It is expected that candidates will prepare giveaway items or foods as well, outside campaign events.

In organizing the campaign BunnyHugger judged that given the likely number of candidates, and the ease with which Instant Runoff Voting makes possible the ranking of all candidates — or the selection of unsuitable ones — without the need for a primary. Saving a round of voting will also allow for the election to be finished before Hugging Day.

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