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Guy ‘Fox’ Day Celebrated with Bonfire, Birthday

By Garrison

Borris and Morticon

Borris and Morticon at the Guy Fawkes Day event, photo by Garrison

Guy Fawkes Day (locally called Guy Fox Day) was celebrated in the traditional way, with a bonfire, Monday night in the Gaelic Ruin. The event, run by Harmony, rabbit, almost got off to a literal bang when Suri, lemur, lit a small bomb in the fire. The bomb was put out with a quick squirt from a water bottle and the event got underway.

People gathered – and then looked at each other, as no one could think of a story to tell around the fire, other than the one about a man named Brady. However, Morticon arrived with a selection of his previous years’ firework designs, which entertained the audience. Near the end of the fireworks presentation, BunnyHugger, devilbunny; and Austin, elastic coati, made an appearence, and it was announced that Nov 5th is Miss Hugger’s birthday. Garrison and Austin led the others in a chorus of “Happy Birthday to You”,  and Garrison, skunk, apologized that her planned party – featuring both gifts from BunnyHugger’s recently graduated class of Builders as well as a cake containing a certain Elastic Coati – didn’t come to pass due to a lack of lead time (he had only found out about the birthday the evening before).

Things then took a turn for the odd when Morticon felt something crawling about in his pouch. That “something” turned out to be Valleyminks, taking the form of several minks, placed there by an errant magic spell. When pulling the minks out one by one proved too time consuming, Borris, polar bear, kindly turned the wallaby upside down, shaking out all the minks, as well as a block of gold and some diamonds. At this point the evening slowly wound down with a good time had by all.

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  1. GreenKai

    November 7, 2012 @ 5:30 pm

    I made a Guy, saw the ‘splosions, and got a shiny! It was a fun night.

  2. Valleyminks


    November 16, 2012 @ 10:18 am

    I was also on fire at the time.

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