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Exclusive Interview with SpinDizzy’s newest wizards

“Pardon me while we disappear into thin air.”

With those words from a small blue fox, your reporter was whisked away from the ‘concrete world’ of SpinDizzy to a room of nonexistence — totally empty yet warm. The only item that I could see was a small nondescript list marked Door Prizes. My hosts assured me that there was indeed furniture here, and that I just couldn’t see it! After a sit of faith, I indeed found that there was a chair underneath me. My hosts took their nonexistent chairs as well, and I began my interview.

Garrison says, “Good evening, I’m speaking to you from what you might call the wizard’s version of the Fortress of Solitude. In fact, it’s the very room in which our two newest wizards — Azure and Featherwing were interviewed for the positions. Both have kindly taken time out of their busy schedules to be interviewed by yours truly. Thank you very much Gentle-beings.”
Featherwing nods.
Azure yips, “Surely, fair creature.”

Garrison says, “To start….can you give my readers some idea of where we are in relation to say the Rose Garden or other landmarks they might know?
Azure yips, “It’s more abstract.”
Garrison says, “In what way?”
Azure yips, “We’re in a room that has the same relation to the rose garden as x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 1 does to a basketball.”
Garrison nods. “Gotcha.”

Garrison says, “This leads nicely into my first question…when did you both find out that the great Amalfi and the wizards were considering you?”
Azure yips, “Officially? Last Monday.”
Featherwing says, “For me, it was an ordinary night of bumming around, then I suddenly got a multipage from Austin, telling me that I was being considered…”

Garrison says, “What were your first reactions?”
Azure yips, “Well, like I said, this was officially. I’d at least got a good unofficial hint going back a few months at least, so I wasn’t that surprised. (And they even asked us if we had any hint, so I suspect they knew we knew.)”
Garrison says, “What type of hint?”
Azure yips, “Well, walking into a room and ending up in the middle of people talking about whether I’d make a good wizard or not was the main one.”
Featherwing says, “I honestly had no idea I was being considered until I got that multipage, but I had a feeling, which I’ll detail more in my own little contribution to the paper, when Amalfi suddenly appeared at N0 E1.”
Azure lifts his ears, “I thought she’d been there for a while.”
Featherwing says, “She’d been there, but rarely online.”

Garrison says, “So why do you think they choose you out of the 500+ residents of spinDizzy?”
Azure shakes his head, “No idea.”
Featherwing says, “Why did they choose me? I’d guess it was because they saw that I was outgoing and very helpful to most everyone. Otherwise, it’s a mystery to even me.”
Garrison says, “How did you feel you did during the interview? Can you give us a sample of some of the questions asked?”
Azure yips, “They didn’t really ask many, just asked us if we wanted the job and told us not to answer until we’d thought about it for a good, long while.”
Garrison nods.
Featherwing ahems. “I was taken aback when they approached me about it, but I listened carefully and then thought about it for a while, like Azure said.”

Garrison nods ….”When you were offered the position…did you have any hesitation or feelings towards not accepting it?”
Azure yips, “Not really.”
Featherwing says, “That’s why they gave us time to think about it, to ponder the implications of whether or not we felt ready for the responsibilities of wizardry. I personally didn’t, as I love SpinDizzy and wanted to help it any way I knew how.”
Garrison nods.

Garrison says, “How did it feel the moment you were promoted and given your new abilities?”
Featherwing says, “Surreal. To me, it was like being born again in the same body, but with more potential given to me.”
Azure grins, “What, you mean when we felt absolute power coursing through our veins and heard the pulse of the world thundering in our ears? Like a big responsibility, since they’d spent a lot of time telling us how important privacy is, reminding us how to avoid finding things out even by mistake and to try and forget stuff if we do.”

Garrison says, “Was there any type of initiation by the other wizards? Secret wizard handshake?”
Featherwing giggles, “If we told you what the handshake was, it wouldn’t be secret, now would it? All kidding aside, it was just a simple training session and reminders of the need for privacy.”
Azure yips, “That’s pretty much it. Being shown how to work the world and admonished to respect the people living in it.”

Garrison says, “I want so badly to ask ‘How DO you work the world?’ but fear the answer would be too long.”
Featherwing chuckles.
Azure yips, “Ah, well, you know. There’s the careful oiling of the wheels that turn the world, fueling the engines with hope and fear and wonder.”
Featherwing nods.
Garrison chuckles to Azure, “I’m a little disappointed…I was hoping it was just one big candy red button.”

She then looks to Featherwing. “Featherwing, the other day I heard Austin greet you and ask if you were ‘getting used to seeing things through a Wizard’s vision yet’. Was he being facetious, or do you two now literally see us and your surroundings differently than before?”
Featherwing says, “To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. I answered anyway regardless. I personally do because this is essentially the running of SpinDizzy we’re talking about. The players on the other hand I see as friends that I’m now helping in a greater capacity than before I was appointed this power…”
Azure yips, “I don’t really see anything differently. Actually there’s a technical mechanism to ensure that. We set that ourselves all the time, unless we’re actually doing something wizardly, so we don’t see something set dark or whatever.”
Garrison nods, “Interesting.”

Garrison says, “Have you two had the chance to do anything wizardly in the last eight days?”
Azure yips, “Sure! I gave Quinn a grid square for an organic farm.”
Garrison cools. Featherwing?”
Featherwing says, “I’ve created a character!”
Garrison nods “Well done! Did you tell the victim– I mean the newcomer that he/she/it was your first?”
Featherwing says, “Not directly, but I think they had an idea from my first time jitters.”
Garrison nods. “As long as everything ended up fine. You brought a new life into this world…SpinDizzy, population 501.”
Featherwing chuckles and nods.

Garrison says, “You’ve given us a sample of some of your new abilities, what others do have now, other than the ability to sneak curious reporters into Wizard areas?”
Azure yips, “Well, the best one is bringing new life into the world. But apart from that, we can help find things, write programs, all that sort of thing.”
Featherwing nodnods.
Garrison nods.

Garrison says, “Have you traveled yet to any of the fabled places around that only wizards can go to?”
Featherwing shakes his head. “Haven’t really had a need to, at least in my case, anyway.”
Garrison nods, “Azure?”
Azure lifts his ears, “Nope. Not yet.”

Garrison nods “What are your specialties going to be…or do you just do a little of everything?”
Azure grins and points at the wizzes list, “Exactly what it says on the label. Happiness. Things working properly.”
Garrison nods.

Garrison says, “So, how do you see yourselves improving SpinDizzy in the long run?”
Featherwing seems lost in thought for a few moments as he ponders the question…
Azure yips, “Just doing whatever needs to be done and chasing down anything that looks like it’s lacking in attention.”
Garrison nods.
Featherwing says, “Gotta agree. Couldn’t have said it better myself, but it seems Azure beat me to it!” ;)”
Garrison hehs.

Garrison says, “Can you demonstrate any of your new abilities here?”
Azure yips, “Not really, there isn’t really anything particularly flashy or interesting.”
Garrison says, “Featherwing?”
Featherwing says, “Ditto. Sorry to disappoint your readers.”
Garrison nods “Well, I’ve had the pleasure to know both of you for some years now and you’re just as interesting now as you were before…..wait that didn’t come out right, sorry.’
Azure grins.
Featherwing chuckles.

Garrison says, “Well, I’m having a lot of fun talking with you both, but I guess we should wrap this up, I imagine I’ve taken up too much of your time already.”
Garrison says, “Was there anything you’d like to talk about that I didn’t touch upon?”
Featherwing says, “Don’t think so…you, Azure?”

Garrison says, “Ah…I almost forgot… We got a question from one of my readers… a… um, Mr. Patch O’Black…”
Azure yips, “Hmmm?”
Garrison says, “Mr O’Black would like to know….”Have they visited Jellicle Fields, and if not, why not? =^_^=” … Gentlemen?”
Azure yips, “Yes, I’ve been there, on one of the tours, I think.”
Featherwing says, “Who, us? I’ve been there several times. Mostly for new player tours of the fields, otherwise for events held there or just to hang out.”

Garrison nods “Now i think we’ll wrap this up in traditional Pawpet Style….”
Azure yips, “Pawpet style?”
Garrison says, “Please offer my readers some words of… yes, I’m going to say it… ‘wiz-dom’.”
Azure lifts his ears, “All I’d say is that we’re here to help. And that while you may have heard that gaining immortality and unlimited power makes one immune to the concerns of every day folks, that’s an old wives tail on a par with stepping on a crack breaking your mother’s back.”
Azure yips, “I never did understand whose old wife it is that comes up with all that nonsense.”
Garrison smiles “Thank you. Featherwing?’
Featherwing makes a rimshot motion with his paws then says, “Hmm… I guess what I’d have to say to your readers is if you have an issue with someone, to bring it up to them! Don’t bottle it up or tell others behind the person’s back. I’m sure it’d make all parties involved feel better about it if they know what they’re doing wrong and what they can do to fix it.”

Garrison smiles, “Thank you! Now if you could give me a yes or no question to ask Virtual Magic 8 Ball.”
Azure yips, “Will the world be doomed again before the end of the year?”
Garrison nods and types it in…
Garrison says, “The answer is….Yes. Magic 8 ball didn’t even hedge on that one. Featherwing?”
Featherwing ponders a moment then says, “Oh, my turn? Let’s see… Will people actually heed our ‘words of wiz-dom’?”
Garrison chuckles and types it in…
Featherwing giggles as he ponders the answer. X3
Garrison grins. “The answer is…No way! Exclamation point and all!”
Featherwing says, “Well, drat. Ah well.”

Garrison grins and stands up. “Well, thank you again for allowing me and my audience this peek behind the scenes.”
Azure yips, “Excellent, let’s get back to the concrete world.”

With that, we were back on solid ground, as I thanked my hosts again and they excused themselves to, no doubt, help our great land and population Spinning Dizzily forward.

It was later brought to my attention that Azure went back to the Freeloaders to entertain and Featherwing went home to do his laundry. Aw, well, even wizards deserve some time off after a busy first week.

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