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Dragon Trounced in Spar

Thurisaz (dragon) and Arya were recently seen sparring in the Gaelic Ruins (S1, E1). The location, chosen by Thurisaz, would make his wings unusable in the corridors and tight spaces. A small crowd gathered to watch the ongoings, consisting of Samnang, Niny’ah, and Maynard.

Thurisaz shrunk down to 3 meters from his full 15 meter form, and Arya wielded a small shield. The dragon’s smaller size and choice of location were made to even out the fight from past spars.

Samnang was seen cheering animatedly with lines such as, “Kick ’em while they’re up, kick ’em while they’re down, kick ’em in the teeth, kick ’em all around!”, and “Push ’em back, shove ’em back.. Waaaaay back. Beat up, kick’em down teeeear ’em up!”

Arya started off with several charges, forcing the dragon into a corner. The tiger then launched into a flurry of kicks, which Thurisaz blocked with his head. Disoriented and unable to focus through one of his eyes, the dragon charged, breathed fire, bit, and scratched without much effect. During a leap to unbalance Arya, the tiger sent down her shield onto his head, effectively taking out the dragon who had enough of the head blows.

Niny’ah exclaimed, “Wow. Thurisaz is not doing well,” as the dragon was receiving a beating.

Still wanting more, Arya trained her sights on other willing fighters from the crowd, to which Samnang answered. Charging at Samnang, the tiger ignored the hound’s warnings to stand down, upon which Samnang threw a pawful of pickling salts into her eyes and face, taking the tiger out before the spar began.

The official sparring score between Thurisaz and SED is now:
Thurisaz: 1
SED: 1
Ties: 1

The first spar ended in a tie when Thurisaz’s spell went wrong near the end of the battle, incapaciting himself and any soldiers remaining from the 12 Seyae, 12 Arya and officers who were part of the spar, rendering it a tie.

The second bout consisted of an enlarged Arya. The fight ended when Thurisaz closed line the giant tiger during a fast fly-by, catching her by the neck.

The spars were motivated by Thurisaz’s initiative to become better at fighting. So far he has been able to rely on his sheer size and power, but as today shows, he has much to learn on even ground.

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