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Celebration of Love Day Loved, Celebrated

Love Day, often regarded as the most twee day of the SpinDizzy holiday calendar, was celebrated this year in the Lover’s Lane of Jellicle Fields. Several poems or song lyrics on the romance-bulletin-board were posted there, including by fluffy critter, Kit_Skyfire the red fox squirrel, and devilbunny BunnyHugger.

Popular activities included people forming large snuggly piles and talking about how much they loved being loved or loving; sampling the romantically-themed snacks and flora which grow in the Lane; talking about the songs which had become board items; and tossing hats into the air, with a peak of this being the bunny-eared squirrel J.P. serving as hat to Kefan, inspiring the centaur to think much about acorns.

Jukka, Sitka deer, noted he had also celebrated the day by having a salad with some c-lover in it.

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