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April Fool’s Prank Brings FurToonia to Rose Garden

FurToonia, the cartoon-oriented muck from which much of SpinDizzy’s community came, made an appearance back on SpinDizzy as part of the April Fool’s prank tradition this year. The appearance of the FurToonian opening screen and Town Square description for the common gathering central point (and of the FurToonian departure message, when people logged off), startled many but did not seem to scare them into thinking they’d logged in the wrong place.

FurToonia, begun in January 1994 and for a long while an overflow location for FurryMuck (particularly in the days that FurryMuck database saves would require extremely long times and freeze out all activity), was the place where Austin, Skyler, Findra, Ping, BunnyHugger, PatchO’Black, Natasha, and a number of now-departed of SpinDizzy’s eldest characters first met one another. While FurToonia has remained up and functional and in good standing at ft.furtoonia.net port 9999 its days of greatest population were a long while ago and the remaining population is not very publicly active.

BunnyHugger, devilbunny, took delight in the changed public area to remind the community of her status as Lord Mayor of FurToonia, and of squirrel Chitter’s position as Deputy Lord Mayor. She wore her foil-wrapped medallion of office and sang for the community the FurToonian anthem:

o/~ FurToonia is wonderful, FurToonia is fine. o/~

o/~ I love you, dear FurToonia, my heart is ever thine. o/~

o/~ Whatever worlds I wander through, however far I roam, o/~

o/~ I know that dear FurToonia will always be my home. o/~

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