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Aggression and Friendly Acts [Letter]

I often desire to begin anything I write with the phrase “with great sadness”; but, I know should I do so it will be because there is a great sadness within me that needs to be conveyed. At this time I do not feel such. I do have within me a sense of disappointment that I had expected but did not wish to have. Much like finding out you got a top prize only because your closest competitor died in the competition. Yes you may have won, but was the victory diminished?

When is there time to say what needs to be said? There seems to be never enough time when it is too late to say anything at all. Acts committed in the present alter the course of actions in the future and warp views of others. Too often this is the case when the world seems less friendly even if the actions of some wish to make it less so.

This has become quite apparent to me in my time spent here so far. What to the casual view is friendly interaction is only a thin crust of seething resentment and dislike between people. So much so that actions that are lighthearted are twisted towards negative without so much as a second thought before such opinions are voiced.

I’m not here to change the views of others. I am here only to enjoy meeting others and finding out new information. With great sadness, I see more often than naught, remarks that are discouraging even spiteful attempts to justify actions.

Should shame or remorse be felt? That is not my choice for others; they can choose for themselves what, if any, remorse and or shame they deem necessary.

If reading this brings to mind a thought to maybe slow down and consider those around you and the image you give not only for yourself to others, but the image those others will in turn share. Maybe, perhaps maybe, we all can draw closer together and speak clearly.

I close with this: If you dislike me, hate me, wish I would vanish, say so to my face. It demeans you to do so otherwise.

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