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Adventurers Unlock Gates, Fix Drive

(By Josh, Freelance Reporter)

A team of brave persons went to the underside on October 7 to unlock the grand gates and fix the drive. While they were able to open the gates and begin repair work, there remained work to be done: namely, the scrapped parts from the bad drive needed to be installed.

Some other things of note:

The geriatrics on the underside had already begun work on repairing the drive, and even had maps of how the topology of the underside was affected by the strike.

Ali and a guarding golden robot with an afro and shades squared off in a rap battle. She won, and was dubbed “silver goddess of the hood.”

The augmented coyote that was stationed at the underside drive was not found, apparently “chased away” by the underdwellers when they wouldn’t help him fix it, but is still alive, somewhere.

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