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A (Somewhat) Brief Introduction To LunaStar Deities (Part 1)

As the emissary of the LunaStar clan, I believe I should explain some of the deities surrounding some of the things I say. This was meant to be in my pavilion at this year’s fair, but it didn’t make it in.

  •      I’m sure you’ve heard me wish you “sweet Chibi dreams” before you leave. You may have even seen/heard her speak through the power of the spoof every now and then. She’s the LunaStar guardian of dreams! So if you have pleasant dreams, you can be assured she’s watching over you, making sure no evil thoughts or dreams enter your mind. She’s silver, like me, but doesn’t have feathered wings. Her eyes are as blue as ice, and feels like it can pierce your soul. She stands roughly 12′ tall with a 36′ wingspan. She has a haughty yet warm personality, with a charm like no other.
  •      If someone has shuffled off this mortal coil, we of the LunaStars ask Bor’roz (or something along those lines, I never got the pronunciation right, even on my home planet…) to give them safe passage to the hereafter. He’s jet black, roughly 8’2″ with a 24.5′ wingspan. He has yellow eyes and longer claws than usual. His demeanor is rough at times, yet compassionate for friends and family of the fallen.
  •      Lastly in this article, I will discuss the snow deity, Kree’mo. Anytime snow falls, we pray to this deity that we still have good hunting and safe living until the storm passes. He stands 10’4″ and has a 31′ wingspan. He has crimson scales and a bright demeanor for being the deity of snow.

I’m still gathering more information about more of the deities; another article will follow as more research is finished.

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