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Morticon Impeachment Rendered Null

The impeachment and conviction of Vice-Mayor Morticon after his kidnapping of Mayor Jukka was in effect nullified when the Mayor appointed the villainous wallaby to fill the vacancy created by his own villainy. Jukka asserted that he had wanted a Vice-Mayor who would produce scandals and shocking offenses and reappointing the convicted Morticon would do that well.

In ruling on the appointment, Election Commissioner Kefan concluded that as the conviction of Morticon carried no explicit penalty besides his removal from office there was no reason to keep him from being put back in office. The rules set out for the 2014 election which created the office of Vice-Mayor provided no guidance for the case of filling a vacancy in that position and Kefan had concluded that Jukka might make such an appointment.

Asked for comment on the appointment Senior Minister Beltrami, inaugurator of the Mayoral office, hung her head, kicked the Ancient Oak, and said nothing. Featherwing, who sat on the impeachment jury, expressed sadness at the development.

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