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June Idle-Purge List Announced

The wizards have posted the June 2014 idle-purge list. The people in this list will, if they don’t connect or send word to us to connect, be purged and their belongings recycled after the 15th of June. If you know someone on the list please send word so we can avoid that horrible fate.

We don’t idle-purge out of the need to conserve database space, but more out of the desire that our character base reflect people who are actually around, and so that the geography of the place — particularly squares on the main grid — are held by active members of the community. The idle-purges also provide a chance to remind people of the muck and to bring them back into the community. If you see people from the list please welcome and invite them in again.

910 Abbie Acres Aina Alex Ali Alicia Alik
Altan Anja Ari Arrekusu Audio Azulez Baradhuli BarterGarter
Becky Bob Bodmin Bogatyr Brenda Breya Cali Careithis
Charlie Chels Cindy Coo Cricket D`saynin Daemon Dandy
DavDragon Dawnrider Daystar deleteme20121213 deleteme23409iu2 deleteme274829 deleteme75783 deleteme84581
deleteme858384 deleteme8593u deleteme9245024 deleteme925845 Devi Drake Draykov Drift
DrKirre Dusk Feldspar Felina Fifi Firebeak Flux Fu
Funrir_Woulfe Gab Grae Holly Hozek Idlebot Jacchus Jack
Jackie Jehnya Jhen Jintrop Johann Jy K’supyo Kadar
Katrus Kelisea Kendra KevMan Kohaku Lamar Lightnin’ Lynne
Maki Maus_Merryjest Maxl Mei-Li Mitchell Mittens Myana Narrator
Natasha Neler Panta-Rhei Pauly Peppermint Pulaka R’sheena Rachel
Rama Raug Rennie Rhea Rocket Rootdown Seaweed Seth
Shane_Graytail Skully Snout Spaceroo Speckles Spikey Squizzle Stan
Sun Sunni Sunshine Ta’Sha Tamiki Tanuki Tempest Tristan
Umber Verdandi Violet Vixidalian Vixie Wembly Whiskey Woden
Yellow3 Zhora Zxarr

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